Getting Started With Creating Your Online Form

Once you are signed up for an plan, you can begin to create online forms in your dashboard.

Create A New Online Form

Create a new form by clicking on the "Create Form" button on your dashboard. Give your form a name for it's intended purpose (example: "Collect contacts on", "Sign up promotion on")

Create a new online form with our form builder tool

Build And Customize Your New Form

Now that you have your new form created let's add some input fields to your online form via the "Builder" page for the data that you want to capture from your visitors. Click on the "Builder" link on your dashboard for the form that you want to add input fields too. To add input fields to your form from the Builder page just drag and drop the desired input fields from the "Draggable Fields" panel onto the "Form Builder Canvas". You can sort each input field by dragging it up or down on the canvas.

When dragging and dropping input fields onto the canvas you should edit your field using the "Field Settings" panel. Each input field should have a unique name and is assigned an automatic random field name by default as soon as you drop it onto the form builder canvas. However, it is highly recommended that you change the "name" for each input field to reflect the data that it contains as this will be the header name on the table when you look at your entries on the "Entries" page as well as when you export your form data - the first header row will use the name as well.

Edit each input field by clicking on the "Edit Field" for the input field that you want to manage on the "Form Builder Canvas" (i.e., placeholder, required field, etc.) and then click on the "Save Form" button when you're done editing your form to save your form to later publish this form.

Build your new online form with our form builder tool

Publish Your Online Form

Now that your form is completed, it's time to publish it onto your website, email and/or any other marketing channel that you prefer. There are three ways to publish your forms (keep in mind that you can mix and match your preferred method of publishing your online form and even use all of these methods at the same time):

  • Shareable link form page (Recommended for email and social media channels): This is a hosted shareable form page. Share this link in your marketing campaigns, social media channels, etc.
  • Javascript (Recommended when adding your form onto your website): You can also use the supplied Javascript code snippet to inject the form onto your website. Copy and paste the form code snippet where you want the form to appear on your website.
  • Vue Component (For advanced users only): If you have a VueJS app then you can use the vue componenent form code snippet option to safely inject the form in a VueJS app where you want it to display on your website.

Here's a sample online contact form created with our form builder:

Form Entries Notifications and Exporting Entries

Now that you've published your form(s) and have started to receive some form submissions, you can view your form entries from your "Entries" page. Click on the "Entries" link from either your dashboard or builder page to view your form entries.

When someone submits a form that you have published, all members of your team will get an email notification when a form has been successfully submitted. This email will have the details of the submitted form fields for quick and easy access directly form your Inbox. The latest form entries are sorted latest entries on top by default. You can also view, filter and export your form entries from the "Entries" page.

To export your form entries click on the "Export" link on your "Entries" page. All form entries will be exported as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. You can always use Google Sheets to import this CSV file form data analysis (ie, sorting, extracting, etc.)

Publish your online form with our form builder tool

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