How To Increase Your Form Conversion Rate

Quick tips and tricks to increase your form submission conversion rate
How To Increase Your Form Conversion Rate

When building your forms you always expect your form data collection process to go super smooth, by that I mean you expect no errors in the data captured, always high quality consistent data and no duplicate data records. But the fact of the matter is that we cannot easily enforce some data rules and filtering at the form level on the submitted data that we are collecting without inadvertently restricting valid data from getting into your form entries.

There are a few methods of enforcing consistent form data submission entries:

Use a drop down, checkbox or radio selection field: These input fields are configured as predefined single or multiple choice value options defined by you, the form creator,  and will never change so that the form submitter has to choose one or multiple options if the input field is set to be required. This way when you export and filter and sort your data you can use these expected consistent values to be available to hook into and run data analysis on common data points (ie, states, same types, etc). You can run simple data analysis with your exported CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. Just import that CSV file into your Excel program and your good to go. If you don't have Excel on your local computer you can always use Google Sheets which is a free cloud base version of Excel (

Require input fields: This method is a little tricky to use in practice for you as the form creator and your potential form submitter as asking for every input field to be required might pose a bit for a burden on the form submitter to complete the form, especially if that form is a really long form. Who wants to spend time filling out long forms? So use this method with caution and only require the bare minimum input fields to satisfy your data captuing requirements.

Minimize form size: Always try to get make your forms small and concise as possible as to not scare away a potential form submission. Do you really needs a thirty input field form to be completed right now?  Probably not. Just ask for the minimum required data points necessary that you can work with right away, you can always follow up later with that form submitter in the form (no pun intended) of a follow up email asking them for more information. If we piece meal our ask for more information to the form submitter then there's a likely hood that you will get better form completion conversion rate, even if it takes a few steps and days to get the data that you need.

I would suggest your try out different strategies to increase your form conversion rate. Happy forming!

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